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Exclusive invitation to participate in unique investment opportunities.


We are Partner of the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS).

Over the past 10 years, African countries have registered high growth rates and have mastered the global economic crisis rather favorably compared to other emerging economies. The long term risk adjusted returns are competitively advantaged vis-a-vis the developed countries and are relatively on par with frontier markets.
PULSAR Development has developed a new and innovative holding concept to support the future needs of growing African economies and are inviting partners to participate in funds under management for the First African Investment Holding.

For this particular invitation, the rationale is to develop a technology hub to target and capitalize on European high tech companies, realizing high growth synergies between investee companies and African growth markets. Over the last decades, a substantial lack of collaboration between African economies/Governments and European technology companies have become obvious.

Bridging this untapped gap, the 1st African Investment Holding will create substantial future growth by applying strict investment criteria and providing a vast sales network within Africa. Only companies with high performance potential in the African region will be considered as investment targets. Investment examples are suppliers of reliable PicoPV systems and robust water purification solutions, etc.

High and long term capital appreciation
Investments in European infrastructure related companies
Creation of holding sales network in Africa, inviting First African investors to participate in local sales activities

Investment focus on privately owned, European infrastructure related small caps
Targets are successful entrants in other international markets
Strong potential to participate in infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan African growth regions

Exceptional Returns: Very attractive due to European infrastructure technology vs. African market leverage and planned trade sale/IPO
Experienced Team: Strong management team. Excellent access to deal pipeline, track record in creating synergies on holding level
Leading Edge Technology: Investment in European industrial small caps. High potential for Sub-Saharan Africa infrastructure market needs
Africa – Market of the Future: Exposure to growing African appetite for leading edge technology

Funding target: USD 55M
Leveraged deal size: USD 2.5M to USD 10M
Stake size: Majority / controlling interest
Transaction types: Growth capital
Value generation: Integration in First African holding structure
Type of realization/exit: Trade sale or IPO (e.g. in Europe or RSA)
Timing exit: 5 years after incorporation
Location of fund: EU jurisdiction
Location of holding: Zug, Switzerland
Estimated return (IRR): > 19%


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